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Our team of highly qualified economists, researchers, and project managers combine academic training and practical experience to provide high-quality products and services.


Dr. André Le Dressay


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André has over 20 years of experience working with indigenous communities, organizations, and institutions and local governments. He has written numerous academic and consulting reports in his areas of expertise: building the legal, administrative, fiscal and institutional framework to support economic growth. He is the Director of Fiscal Realities Economists, the Director of the Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics and a professor at Thompson Rivers University. He co-authored a book which was nominated for the Donner Book Prize in 2010. He was the principal author of the Tulo Centre online textbook – Building a Competitive First Nation Investment Climate (2015). He has also authored the final chapter, Unlocking First Nation Wealth: Past Efforts & Future Opportunities, in a compilation entitled, Unlocking the Wealth of Indian Nations (2016) edited by Terry L. Anderson at Stanford University.  He has received a distinguished alumni award from Thompson Rivers University and a lifetime achievement award from the First Nations Tax Administrators Association.  He has helped facilitate over 20 service agreements between First Nations and local governments. He has developed the curriculum for 14 original courses in First Nation Tax Administration, First Nations Applied Land Management and First Nation Applied Economics including the only accredited course in Canada on Negotiating First Nation-Local Government service agreement. André holds a PhD in Economics from Simon Fraser University, a Masters of Applied Economics from the University of Victoria and an Honors degree in Math and Economics from the University of Regina.

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Greg Richard

Chief Economist

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Greg has a number of years of experience with government working in economic development, intergovernmental liaison and fiscal relations. He is thoroughly familiar with government policies and decision-making. He has experience in public finance, facilitating investment projects, the economics of innovation and intergovernmental liaison. Greg holds an MA in Economics from the University of Victoria.


Katherine Livingstone


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Katherine has extensive experience as an administrator in various federal government departments. This includes 3 years with the Royal  Commission on Aboriginal Peoples in Ottawa. She also manages Fiscal Realities'  finance and administration, as well as business plan development for clients.

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Tylor Kroad, MBA


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Tylor has been with Fiscal Realities since 1999. He conducts economic forecasting, financial modelling and reports writing. Tylor holds an MBA and a BBA (Economics/Finance) from Thompson Rivers University.


Kate McCue


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Kate has been with Fiscal Realities since 2000. She conducts financial analysis and economic research to support policy development and decision-making and assists with legislative and other government processes. Kate has a BBA (Economics/Human Resources) from Thompson Rivers University.


Jason Reeves 


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Jason has 20 years of experience assisting Indigenous governments to develop their economies. He helps Indigenous communities establish the institutional and legislative frameworks required to reduce transaction costs and effectively assert their jurisdictions that support their economic and fiscal objectives.  Jason also assists in the development of curriculum for the Tax Administration and Applied Economics certificate programs at the Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics. Jason has also contributed to publications on investment facilitation, transaction cost reduction strategies, infrastructure development systems, and a history of Indigenous market culture. He holds a BBA (hons.) from Thompson Rivers University.


Norm Lavallee, MBA


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Norm has been with Fiscal Realities since 2007. He conducts in statistical analysis, systems analysis, strategy development, technical writing, research and curriculum development related to First Nations economics, jurisdiction, taxation and public policy. Norm has written and contributed to several publications on First Nations market history, fiscal relationships and economic development. Norm has an MBA with an Economics and Finance focus from Thompson Rivers University.


Ed Blakeborough


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Ed has been with Fiscal Realities since May 2021. He conducts economic, financial and statistical analysis as well as economic research. Ed holds a BSc (Joint major Mathematics/ Economics with a minor in Management)  and an MSc in Environmental Economics and Management from Thompson Rivers University.


Andy Nguyen

Database Analyst 

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Andy joined Fiscal Realities in 2020. He conducts software analysis and UX/UI design and develops educational games, databases, and backend algorithms. Andy is a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Computing Science degree from Thompson Rivers University.


Amlan Nag

Database Analyst 

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Amlan has been with Fiscal Realities Economists since 2021. He is a Bachelor of Computing Science graduate from Thompson Rivers University with experience in dynamic application development, PWA, database design and AI(ML) model development. Since joining, he has provided adequate technical solutions to FR information management and data-related projects. His responsibilities are solving complex technical problems with a creative solution, backend infrastructure development and algorithms development, data analysis, and database management.

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