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About Us

Recognizing the fiscal, institutional and legislative gaps for Indigenous peoples around the world, Andre LeDressay and Greg Richard founded Fiscal Realities Economists in 1992.


Fiscal Realities is an economic, policy and financial research company that believes in improving economic opportunity for all communities, regions, and nations. Our team of highly qualified Economists have established a reputation of humility, reliability, and ingenuity and we are proud to have served over 100 Indigenous and non-Indigenous public and private clients throughout the last three decades.

Fiscal Realities works with Indigenous communities and organizations to create an attractive and sustainable business climate that can enable Indigenous communities and governments to exercise greater jurisdiction, enhance fiscal power, and improve administrative and entrepreneurial capacity. We also work with private firms on business strategy, reporting requirements (plans and annual reports), research, and collaboration/partnership with Indigenous communities. Additionally, we work with public sector organizations, governments and universities on public policy research, academic research, statistical studies, curriculum development and course/workshop delivery.  


First Nations and the Private Sector
Fiscal Realities Economists are in the business of helping the private sector work better with First Nations and Indigenous communities. Our philosophy is straightforward, First Nations will remain trapped in a dependency cycle of worsening poverty based on declining government transfers (Vicious Circle) until they are able to 1) establish and exercise fiscal jurisdiction (fiscal power) and 2) gain a fair share of the private investment in Canada.

The reasoning is simple. Private investment accounts for 80 percent of investment and investment creates wealth, jobs and government revenues. 

Fiscal Realities works with First Nations to create an attractive business climate and provide First Nation governments with the revenues, policy tools and capacities they need to establish sustainable and resilient economies. In addition, we work with private firms to help them approach First Nations, address their concerns and present business proposals that can gain the support of First Nation communities. 


We help First Nations identify their economic footprint through statistical analysis and their economic potential through economic analysis. We develop plans, policies and strategies to help them use this potential including appropriate land tenure arrangements, capital plans, and communications packages which explain the benefits of these products. We work with First Nations in asserting jurisdiction, developing own-source revenues, and identifying appropriate financing tools. We work with First Nations to develop sustainable fiscal and capital plans. We advocate on behalf of First Nations in negotiations with the federal and provincial governments.

Fiscal Realities also works with First Nation organizations, educational institutions and the public sector on research, curriculum, applications and public policy related innovative solutions. 

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