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Applied Economic Intelligence

Accelerate Indigenous Self-Determination

Creatively Dismantle Colonial Frameworks 

Grow Local Economies

Established in 1992, Fiscal Realities is a team of highly qualified economists, analysts, and researchers. We specialize in providing innovative and strategic solutions to multifaceted economic, fiscal, administrative, and data problems for Indigenous, government, and private sector clients.

What We Do

Fiscal Realities seeks to answer big questions and solve big problems, furthering the development of Indigenous communities in Canada while enhancing local economies, communities, and conservation. To accomplish this, we provide a range of services to our clients.

Our Clients

Fiscal Realities Economists has been proud to serve 100+ clients over 30 years

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The National Indigenous Economic Development Board

Research and Publications

A selection of our reports, research, and scholarship

Contact Us

Downtown Office:

201 2nd Avenue

Kamloops, British Columbia

V2C 3K6

Head Office:

226-345 Chief Alex Thomas Way

Kamloops, British Columbia

V2H 1H1

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