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What We Do

Fiscal Realities is a unique company, founded to support First Nations' economic development through a wide range of services to First Nation clients, public organizations, and research institutions. Our work can be unpacked into two major areas: Original economic and fiscal research to support improved investment climate strategies for First Nations, and services to directly implement improvements in investment climates, advancing economic and social development goals for First Nations.

Original Economic and Fiscal Research to Support Improved Investment Climate Strategies

Fiscal Realities conducts research on a broad range of topics to help support economic and social development for Indigenous communities across Canada. As a result of this research, we have developed reports and publications on a range of topics relating to First Nations development, and have supported similar work conducted in partnership with external organizations, including the Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics and the First Nations Tax Commission. 

Providing Services to Implement Improved Investment Climates

Fiscal Realities works directly with First Nations to 

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