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  • Institutional Design and Development

Fiscal Realities has a long history of designing and developing sustainable and resilient economic institutions.

  • Statistical, Economic, Fiscal and Financial Forecasting & Analysis

Fiscal Realities is adept in model development and fiscal, economic and financial impact assessments and projections for both private and public sector purposes.

  • Policy Development & Advocacy

We provide a wide range of advisory services including legislation/policy framework development, communications services & presentations, and proposal development.

  • Strategy Development & Negotiation Support

We specialize in strategic and economic development planning, project Assessment & analysis and service agreement design and negotiations.

  • Professional Research & Report Writing

Fiscal Realities has significant experience conducting professional research for academic, private, and public sector purposes related to Indigenous economic, fiscal, and financial systems.

  • Community, Economic & Fiscal Planning

Fiscal Realities supports Indigenous and Local Government conduct important planning to make the change, build continuity and foster sustainable growth at the community level.

  • Curriculum Development and Education || Training Delivery

Fiscal Realities has decades' worth of experience and knowledge developing and delivering courses, workshops and webinars on many different topics related to Indigenous economics / economic development, taxation & fiscal power, jurisdiction, property rights and resource development.

  • Annual Report, Business Planning and Business Case Development

Fiscal Realities has developed hundreds of business-related documents and research to support reporting requirements, financial proposals and submissions, and business planning and strategy reports.

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